MyPillow restores advertising on Fox

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MyPillow and Fox are apparently back in bed with each other — at least in terms of advertising.

MyPillow CEO and Donald Trump surrogate Mike Lindell yanked all of his ads from Fox’s conservative commentary channel in July 2021 after the network declined to air a commercial promoting his “cyber symposium” that purportedly would reveal proof that the 2020 election was stolen.

That symposium, which included a delayed started due to claims of a cyberattack and a strange incident involving Lindell be accosted (or not?) outside his hotel, failed to provide any proof. Many attendees left the event, planned for 72 hours, early.

Now Lindell’s company has started advertising on Fox again.

The company, which operates mostly under the direct response model, relies heavily on commercials to get the word out about its products, so it’s not surprising it returned to Fox’s cable channel.

The company has tried to sell in retail outlets, but have since been dropped by most major stores due to, at least according to the stores, low sales figures.

Lindell reportedly spent about $50 million on Fox in 2020 and had spent about $19 million up to the point he yanked the ads in July.

It’s not immediately clear if sales were down — the company still advertises on other channels and digital platforms — as well as through tie ins with Lindell’s own “free speech” platform Frank, but it’s unlikely any of those outlets can generate the viewership that Fox shows can deliver.

Most of the shows MyPillow advertise on have at least 1 million viewers, so even, just as an example, a 0.25% response rate would mean 25,000 people might call or visit and consider buying a pillow.

Even if 0.5% of those people buy, that’s 1,250 and, at $39.98 for two of the “classic” MyPillows, that’s almost $50,000 in revenue. Again, these numbers are for illustrative purposes only as MyPillow does not disclose its conversion rates or advertising strategies.

An average 30 second spot on Fox, according to sources, hovers around $18,000, but is likely a bit on the higher end for top rated shows such as “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that MyPillow favors. Even then, MyPillow could still walk away with $20,000 or more in revenue after paying for an ad.