NBC News, ‘Today’ add widgets for Apple device users

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NBC News and its morning show “Today” have released a series of widgets for iOS and iPadOS that let iPhone and iPad users get fast access to the content in a variety of areas.

Widgets, which were added in Apple’s iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, allow users to veer from the traditional grid of app icons on home screens and replace then with larger modules designed for dynamic, at a glance access to information.

These widgets are typically available in different sizes and can be arranged in a variety of ways to suit users’ needs, including mixed in with traditional app icons.

“Today” is offering a variety of widgets that can show highlights from each day’s broadcast as well as pop culture news, recipes, parenting stories and style content.

NBC News’ separate iPhone and iPad app offers top stories, political news highlights, investigative reporting, as well as a COVID-19 trends widget geotargeted to the user’s location.

Adding these widgets requires a compatible device and OS and either the standalone “Today” app or the NBC News app (or both to add content from both shows). Users also need to update to the most recent version of each app.

Both apps are free as are the widget features.