Netflix is losing one of its most popular offerings

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Despite Netflix’s massive investment in original content to lure viewers, content from other owners still dominates the streaming service — and now one of its most popular titles will be leaving the platform.

  • NBC’s American version of “The Office” accounts for roughly 7% of all views on Netflix.
  • And now, that show is leaving the platform as NBC pulls the rights to it for its own streaming service.
  • Netflix has pledged billions in original content and  the top 50 shows it produces account for 42% of streams.
  • Netflix members do have until 2021 to binge on “The Office” — when the show will officially leave the platform.
  • Netflix recently paid out $100 million to keep the rights to “Friends” through 2019.
  • Although “Friends” aired on NBC, it was produced by Warner Bros. and WarnerMedia now holds the rights.
  • There’s no word on the future of “Friends” on Netflix beyond this year — which is notable because WarnerMedia is launching its own streaming service in the coming years.