‘NewsNation’ political correspondent leaves after 6 month contract runs out

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The first “NewsNation” national political correspondent is departing the news venture run but Nexstar Media Group, Robert Feder reported.

Dean Reynolds, who spent 50 years working for CBS, ABC, CNN and UPI, told Feder his contract was only six months — making him part of the venture before, during and in the weeks after the pivotal 2020 election.

That said, Reynolds told Feder he does see how his departure’s timing looks a bit odd given that news director Sandy Pudar quit Feb. 2, 2021 and the revelation the the news operation, which bills itself as bias free, has been working with former Fox exec and Trump White House staffer Bill Shine.

That sparked concerns that the little watched newscasts, which are slated to expand come March 1, 2021, are morphing into right leaning content. WGN America, which currently runs the primetime “NewsNation” newscast, will renamed itself “NewsNation” that same day.

Some insiders have said that the co-anchor Joe Donlon, who is being moved off the primetime newscast for a solo hour under the banner “The Donlon Report” will have a right leaning slant.

Others report that Nexstar is putting internal pressure on the network to be more right leaning, though the company continues to assert its bias free format.