NewsNation promotes Entin to senior national correspondent

By Michael P. Hill Article may include affiliate links

NewsNation has promoted Brian Entin to senior national correspondent.

Entin has been with the network since its launch, based in Miami.

Entin has garnered national attention for his coverage of the Gabby Petito murder investigation in Florida and his reporting duties will now extend nationwide, but he will continue to be based in Florida.

The four-time Emmy winner spent six weeks on the ground in Northport, Florida, delivering exclusive reporting and a variety of interviews with witnesses, local police, federal authorities and online sleuths.

Entin’s reporting on the case took him to Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming, and led to the creation of “Missing,” NewsNation’s weekly series focused on finding missing persons. The series has helped locate nine missing persons since it was launched in late 2021, according to the network.

“Brian is a relentless reporter, determined to get the truth and willing to go wherever a story takes him,” said Michael Corn, NewsNation’s president of news, in a statement. “He is fearless and a great representative of the kind of in-depth reporting we all strive for at NewsNation.”

Since joining NewsNation in 2020, Entin has covered major hurricanes, the surge in migrants at the Mexico border, the Surfside building collapse, the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, the Astroworld concert tragedy and missing persons cases from coast to coast.

He has taken viewers inside COVID ICUs, out on the streets with local police officers and to Haiti following a catastrophic earthquake.

“It’s important for me to continue to cover stories to which other media are not paying close attention, and offer viewers a perspective they won’t get from other news outlets,” said Entin in the statement. “I want to provide a raw, on the ground experience for the viewers.”

NewsNation is owned by Nexstar Media Group. It started as a three-hour primetime newscast before becoming the name of the entire network formerly known as WGN America.

Since its launch, the network has shuffled its schedule and talent multiple times, lost key anchors and newsroom leadership and launched new programming.

Ratings, however, remain a challenge, though Nexstar has said that the network as a whole, which airs a variety of repeats during much of its schedule, is profitable.

The company invested millions building two studios and a newsroom at WGN in Chicago as well as hiring dozens of staffers.