NewsNation reportedly fired correspondent after he questioned network’s airing of Trump rally

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A reporter for Nexstar’s struggling “bias-free” cable network NewsNation was reportedly fired after he called out execs for airing a Donald Trump rally, according to The New York Post, though his employment status has yet to be officially confirmed.

According to Post sources, Paul Gerke, who was a New York-based correspondent for the network, complained about the channel carrying two hours of uninterrupted coverage of a Trump rally in late September 2022.

He reportedly brought up the subject on a conference call that included network president Michael Corn, a former “GMA” producer.

Gerke reportedly put pressure on Corn about what the network’s “mission” is and pointing out that the network goes out of its way to market itself as bias-free.

He pointed out the Trump rally aired without any analysis or fact-checking from the network. The rally itself contained multiple false statements, including the continued claim of the 2020 election being “stolen” from Trump.

Corn reportedly became annoyed and told Gerke “he could leave,” according to Post sources. He then reportedly was let go a few days later.

That said, Gerke’s photo is still on the NewsNation site and the network would not comment on Gerke’s employment status, citing company policy and “federal and state privacy laws.” Gerke did not respond to the Post’s request for comment.

It is possible that Gerke is under a non-disclosure agreement that, assuming he was let go by NewsNation, prohibits him from discussing his employment publicly.

Before NewsNation, Gerke work for the short-lived Quibi video venture.

Corn was hired by NewsNation after most of the network’s top editorial staff jumped ship, reportedly over Nexstar’s meddling with editorial direction. Multiple on-air talent have also left the network since its launch.

NewsNation reportedly used former Fox executive Bill Shine as a “consultant” prior to its launch in September 2020. Its initial marketing and branding heavily promoted it as being bias-free — a trend that has continued.