Reporter notices interesting thing about who’s been filling in for Sean Hannity

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Max Tani, a reporter for The Daily Beast, tweeted that Dan Bongino, who, according to him, “does not even have a Fox contract,” has been filling in for Sean Hannity on the network’s popular “Hannity” for two nights in a row now.

  • Bongino, a former Secret Service agent, hosts a podcast and also has appeared on Fox News and InfoWars.
  • He does not, however, appear to have a formal agreement — even as a contributor or analyst — in place with Fox News according to Tani’s tweet.
  • Others on the string point out the possible internal grumblings passing over numerous staff talent for an outsider could have triggered.
  • The editions of “Hannity” are billed as “Hannity Special”s according to the “sliver” that runs along the bottom of the screen.