Robin Roberts isn’t ‘stepping away’ from ‘GMA’ permanently

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Despite what clickbait-y headline writers would have you believe, “Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts is not “stepping away” from the broadcast — at least not in the dramatic sense that those stories attempt to paint.

Roberts has been on vacation for part of August 2022, a common time for news anchors to take extended time off, into September 2022, in part to celebrate her partner Amber Laign’s birthday.

Laign, who turned 48 Sept. 6, 2022, has been battling breast cancer and recently wrapped up radiation treatments. Roberts is a cancer survivor as well — and has also battled a rare blood disease, both of which sidelined her off the show for months over the years.

The couple chartered a luxury yacht in Europe to mark the occasion, which included a birthday celebration for Laign.

Roberts, however, assured viewers that she would be back on ABC air soon.

It is true that Roberts “stepped away” from the broadcast for a few weeks, which is ultimately what most of the tabloid-y stories about her end up reporting, though they often blatantly seem to be intent on convincing viewers that Roberts is leaving the show altogether — something neither she nor ABC has confirmed.