Roseanne: ‘I thought the bitch was white’ in bizarre video

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Roseanne Barr released a video clip, posted to her YouTube channel, that attempts to explain the racist tweet she posted about about Valerie Jarett:

  • The video has the feel of a “behind the scenes” raw video where Barr talks with an off-camera interviewer.
  • The caption under the video reads “Roseanne, like always, cuts through the bullshit and gets the heart of the matter.”
  • Barr appears restless and upset in the video before screaming “I thought the bitch was white. Godammit, I thought the bitch was white. Fuck.”
  • Barr was fired from the ABC revival of “Roseanne” earlier this year, despite a second season pickup, following the tweet and a series of controversial events.
  • ABC and Barr did reach an agreement for a spinoff, tentatively named “The Connors,” but Barr will not be involved creatively or financially.