Sebastian Gorka passing out ‘homemade’ Fox News business cards

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Former White House aide Sebastian Gorka, who serves as a contributor for Fox News, has been reportedly passing out what appear to be homemade business cards that claim he is a “National Security Strategist” for the network, reports Mediaite.

  • The business cards Gorka is reportedly handing out feature an incorrect logo, a personal cell phone number and Gmail email address.
  • The logo appears to be a logo for 21st Century Fox’s broadcast network’s news programming, as opposed to the standalone cable channel.
  • The cards feature blue type in a generic serif font.
  • Other oddities include placing city name “McLean” on its own line, followed by the zip code, but without the state name appearing where it normally would.
  • Compared to real Fox News business cards, which have the correct, stacked logo and sans serif typography, Gorka’s version is amateurish and poorly designed.
  • It’s also likely misleading for a contributor such as Gorka passing out Fox News business cards — typically contributors are, while paid by the network, not considered employees.
  • In fact, many cable news contributors have full time jobs either with other media outlets or outside the news industry.
  • All of the major cable news networks have paid contributors or analysts, which are typically identified on air as such, as opposed to “correspondents,” “hosts” or “anchors.”
  • Cable news contributors typically are hired to bring their unique perspective, opinion or expertise in an area.