‘Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly’ will apparently return — but for how long is anyone’s guess

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NBC’s Sunday evening newsmagazine developed around former Fox News host Megyn Kelly is reportedly scheduled to return in August — but beyond that is anyone’s guess.

  • A source told The Wrap that “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” will return for “at least one” episode in early August.
  • Although The Wrap writes the episode is “expected to be a resuscitation” of “Sunday Night,” NBC hasn’t confirmed the report.
  • NBC is also hedging around any comment about the future of the show, including whether or not more episodes will air.
  • NBC half heartedly announced in March that “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” would return in the “spring and summer” until football season.
  • That announcement was tucked inside a release for the Kelly-hosted NBC News special “Confronting Putin,” which featured an extensive interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
  • At the time of the announcement, NBC was quick to point out that the return of “Sunday Night” would hinge on Kelly’s schedule with “Megyn Kelly Today,” her ratings challenged morning talk show.
  • Kelly’s morning show has seen an uptick in ratings for her prominent interviews around the “#MeToo” movement.
  • NBC referred The Wrap back to its original statement about Kelly’s schedule when pressed as to why the return of “Sunday Night” was delayed.
  • “Sunday Night” did not, despite NBC’s statement, air during the spring of 2018 and, assuming the report of it returning in August is true, will also have been on the bench for much of the summer.
  • Despite some high profile interviews, including a controversial one with Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist and InfoWars founder Alex Jones, “Sunday Night,” like hour hour of “Today,” failed to garner the smash ratings Kelly attracted at Fox.
  • There’s no word on if the August episode will have a big “get.”