The apparent Twitter boycott at Fox News has continued — with some exceptions

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After reports surfaced that Fox News is apparently “boycotting” Twitter by going silent, the network’s account still remains inactive.

  • The last tweet on @FoxNews, about DACA, was posted Nov. 8, 2018.
  • The network’s apparent shunning of the social network comes after it complained about a slow response to Twitter taking down tweets containing host Tucker Carlson’s home address.
  • Carlson’s home has been the scene of protesting and police have been called to the site.
  • According to inside sources, Fox is not posting on Twitter and wants the social network giant to delete content containing Carlson’s address and issue an apology.
  • Fox News’ sister net, Fox Business, has been silent since Nov. 9.
  • However, many show accounts, including “Fox & Friends” and host Sean Hannity’s account, have been regularly tweeting since this time.
  • The @FoxNews account, however, has 18.1 million followers, which is significantly more than show or personality accounts.