The State of the Union ratings are in

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The viewership data for the delayed State of the Union address are in.

  • Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019’s State of the Union address drew 46.8 million viewers.
  • These numbers beat the 2010 record when President Barack Obama will still in office.
  • Speeches give to Congress in 2009 and 2017 drew bigger numbers, but were not “official” State of the Union addresses.
  • One broadcast TV, NBC nabbed 7.1 million viewers, with 6.7 million on CBS and 5.9 million on ABC, which tied with the Fox broadcast network.
  • Cable saw 11.1 million people turn in to Fox’s cable channel, while MSNBC scored 3.8 million and CNN trailed with 3.4.
  • Nielsen as reported that 15.2 “interactions” with streams of the State of the Union took place address Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Twitter had a whopping 84 percent of those, with 12 percent on Facebook and 5 percent on Instagram, which is owned by Facebook.
  • While the 46.8 million viewership is impressive, keep in mind that 98.2 million watched the Super Bowl just two days earlier100.7 million if you count digital streams and other sources like CBS is trying to do.