Tiffany Cross leaving MSNBC

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MSNBC host Tiffany Cross is leaving the network after executives declined to renew her contract, according to a Variety report.

Cross hosted “Cross Connection” on the weekends. Her production team was informed of the decision on Friday, Nov. 4, 2022.

Her show become known for having a loose format that allowed her and guests to speak their mind.

Although Cross is expected to exit the network after riding out her two-year contract, Variety reports that the production staff assigned to it are expected remain in place to fill the slot on the schedule with a rotating slate of hosts until a permanent host can be found.

It’s not immediately clear if the show will retain the “Cross Connection” name during that period or once a permanent host named, given that it has the obvious tie-in with Cross’ name.

Variety notes some reports that Cross’ relationship with MSNBC management has become tense over her calling out other cable hosts on air.

Her show was popular among Black viewers and Black female voters and also part of the network’s efforts to bring more diverse voices to its programming. Her show was created in 2020 to replace “AM Joy,” which saw Joy Reid head to weekdays.

Other diverse weekend voices on MSNBC include Jonathan Capehart, who is Black and openly gay.

Zerlina Maxwell, who is also Black, departed the network in September 2022. Her show was part of MSNBC’s streaming offering “The Choice.” MSNBC, meanwhile, also features Katie Phang, who is Asian-America, and Symone Sanders, who is Black. NBC News Now also features “Joshua Jackson Tonight,” who is also Black and gay.

It’s not clear if Cross’ exit is part of a purported cost-cutting strategy at NBCUniversal. That reportedly was one of the reasons CNBC canceled “The News with Shepard Smith” and letting anchor Shepard Smith go.

MSNBC hasn’t commented on possible replacements for “Cross Connection,” but it’s possible it could expand one of its other weekend offerings such as “Velshi” or revive the “Up” brand that was a longtime staple of the network’s weekend mornings.

It could also turn the hour over to its “MSNBC Reports” general news coverage brand. Another possibility is former Biden White House press secretary Jen Psaki, who signed on with the network earlier in 2022 but has yet to be given an assignment.