Trump called a Fox personality into the Oval over Dorian Alabama claims

Donald Trump called a Fox personality to the Oval Office to complain about his ongoing assertions that Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama, according to an internal email leaked to .

  • In the email, Fox’s John Roberts (not to be confused with the SCOTUS justice) summarized what happened when Trump requested his presence inside the .
  • It turns out Trump wanted to discuss how his repeated (and stubborn) claims that would hit Alabama — all while using outdated forecasts and a doctored weather map.
  • “He stressed to me that forecasts for Dorian last week had Alabama in the warning cone,” Roberts wrote in the email CNN obtained. “He insisted that it is unfair to say Alabama was never threatened by the storm.”
  • Ultimately, Roberts concluded that Trump was “just looking for acknowledgment that he was not wrong for saying that at some point, Alabama was at risk — even if the situation had changed by the time he issued the tweet.”
  • Roberts referred CNN to Fox’s PR department, which did not immediately respond.
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