Trump misspells ‘Fox & Friends’ co-host’s name in tweet, tagging a progressive organizer instead

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Donald Trump misspelled the name of a “Fox & Friends” co-host — one he once granted an impromptu live interview to — in a tweet.

  • The tweet, which was posted Oct. 14, 2019 at 10 a.m. eastern, mentions investigating the charges surrounding the arrest of UBS banker Scott Hapgood.
  • He then tagged the three “Fox & Friends” co-hosts.
  • However, he spelled Steve Doocy’s last name “Ducey.”
  • It’s worth noting that there is an active account at @SteveDucey belonging to someone with that name.
  • This Steve Ducey is, according to his bio, the Hollywood Field Manager for Nithya Raman, a progressive candidate running for city council in Los Angeles. His bio also includes his preferred gender pronouns.