Tucker Carlson devotes entire segment to name calling CNN figures over Cuomo scandal

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Tucker Carlson Tonight” unleashed a barrage of insulting chyrons filled with borderline offensive name calling against CNN Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2021, following revelations about host Chris Cuomo being suspended following more revelations about how deeply he was allegedly involved in mounting a defense against is brother, who was being accused of sexual misconduct.

Fox cable host Tucker Carlson devoted the entire first block of his show to giving viewers a look at the Chris Cuomo story, using lower third graphics (commonly referred to as “chyrons” although not all of them are generated by the software made by that company) to reinforce his statements.

Carlson was reacting to news that Chris Cuomo allegedly provided his brother, who is the former governor of New York, with information obtained using his journalistic connections to help mount a defense against the accusations. Andrew Cuomo eventually resigned over the scandal.

“Tucker Carlson Tonight” first poked fun at CNN’s Chris Cuomo for posting workout videos and photos, among other things. Later he also outlined his public battle with COVID-19 but also brought up accusations from an aide to Donald Trump that Cuomo broke quarantine in 2020. Carlson’s show also obtained a memo alleging that Cuomo was threatened with a fine for not wearing a mask inside the property — but this was in August 2020, months after his quarantine ended. Cuomo later admitted on his own show that “I did the wrong thing.”

This chryon, which was only on screen for brief period, reads ‘There is no penalty for falseness at CNN,’ which was used in reference for the accusations of Cuomo breaking quarantine after news of an April 15, 2020, incident with a biker outside of a home Cuomo was building in the Hamptons surfaced. Fox has been cited by numerous independent organizations for airing false and misleading information ranging from coronavirus to the election — and is facing billions of dollars in lawsuits for airing claims about unfounded claims of voting machine fraud.

To be clear, things certainly are not looking good for CNN or Chris Cuomo right now (the network suspended the “Cuomo Prime Time” host “indefinitely”) and a full investigation into Chris Cuomo’s actions is forthcoming and he’s rightly facing significant questions about his journalistic standards.

This graphic reads “Most at CNN would betray family for the dwarf (sic) king,” a derogatory reference to CNN chief Jeff Zucker used frequently on Fox.

For the record, “dwarf” has become considered by some to be an offensive term since it is also connected to a medical condition that causes people to be short.

At the same time, Tucker Carlson claimed that media correspondent Brian Stelter, shown in an on screen box, would sell out his wife, who is a traffic anchor for Spectrum News, if Zucker said so.

The “dwarf (sic) king” label was back again later.

This graphic, showing cutouts of Stelter, Zucker and Don Lemon’s heads “digging” a grave for Chris Cuomo was also shown on air. The muscled arm icon is in reference to Cuomo’s penchant to posting workout videos and photos on social media. The trio is dressed in orange convict or construction worker style outfits.

Fox finally brought everything full circle with this: “CNN dwarf (sic) king Zucker unleashes eunuch Stelter to announce Cuomo suspension,” bringing back the “dwarf” reference and labeling Stelter as a “eunuch” in a two line banner.

The definition of the word “eunuch,” by the way, is “a castrated man placed in charge of a harem or employed as a chamberlain in a palace.” Harems, are defined as either “the separate part of a Muslim household reserved for wives, concubines, and female servants” or simply “a group of female animals sharing a single mate.”