‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ Photoshops Bloomberg reporter’s tweet

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Bloomberg White House reporter is calling out “Tucker Carlson Tonight” for Photoshopping a screen capture of a tweet she posted.

  • The tweet, which she posted April 7, 2019, read “Nielsen’s next stop will be carefully watched. If any major companies hire her, pay her to speak, etc., expect to see major outcry from immigration and civil rights groups and beyond:” but was accompanied by a link to a story she wrote.
  • “I was not expressing my personal views on Nielsen or anyone else who’s served in the Trump admin. I was connecting the news of last night to something I reported two days earlier that a coalition of groups said they plan to do. Wish I was surprised by what Carlson’s show did” Epstein wrote in another tweet.
  • When Tucker Carlson used the tweet on air, however, the link preview (technically known as a “card”) was edited out.
  • The show even removed the colon in the screenshot used on air, presumably to remove any hint that there might be more to the tweet than it showed.
  • By removing the accompanying link and story preview, Fox removed the important context of why the tweet was posted and that it was not Epstein’s opinion — but rather, as she put it, “connecting” the news.