Watch Mario Bartiromo’s super awkward interview with Donald Trump

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Fox Business Network host Mario Bartiromo conducted a disjointed taped phone interview with Donald Trump that aired, in separate segments, on “Mornings with Maria,” Monday, April 29, 2019.

  • During the interview, Trump seemed to ramble on and on, with Bartiromo attempting to interject but failing to take control of the interview.
  • Bartiromo also attempted, numerous times, to interject her own knowledge of the various subjects being discussed, but for the most part Trump bulldozed right over her.
  • Despite being taped, the interview also seemed to be short on B-roll, which resulted in Bartiromo appearing on camera, next to a phoner graphic of Trump, for awkward periods — where she seemed to either be contemplating what to say next, agreeing with what Trump was saying or glancing off camera.
  • At one point, she interjected about Hillary Clinton’s payment for opposition research — “I think it was a million dollars,” she said.
  • Throughout the interview,  Bartiromo also made both visual and audible cues that she agreed with many of the claims Trump was making.
  • Near the second part of the taped interview, Bartiromo appeared to be trying to wrap up the interview, but Trump kept talking.
  • The interview was taped outdoors near the U.S.-Mexican border.
  • Bartiromo is currently in Los Angeles for the Milken Institude Global Conference and has been hosting her show from an interior location there.