‘Wheel of Fortune’ fans outraged over possible mixup between ‘B’ and ‘D’

Fans are fuming over what they say is a misheard letter on the Thursday, Nov. 7, 2019, episode of “Wheel of Fortune.”

  • During a “Food & Drink” puzzle, a contestant named Angela Davis called out a letter that sounded like a “B” or “D” — depending on how you ask.
  • Host Pat Sajak took it as a “D.”
  • This likely helped Davis solve the puzzle, “Drinking from a coconut.”
  • However, fans took to social media insisting she said “B.”
  • Had Sajak taken her letter as a “B,” there’s obviously no “B” in the puzzle, so she would have lost her chance at the puzzle, with control passing to the next contestant.
  • It is possible, though there’s no way to know for sure, that through a combination of unlucky wheel spins or the other contestants calling letters no in the puzzle, that the game could have come back around to her and she would have ultimately solved the puzzle.
  • “Wheel” let the error go and continued gameplay, with Davis winning almost $20,000 in prizes.
  • She didn’t solve the bonus puzzle, however, which offers players the chance to win large sums of money at one time.
  • “Wheel” didn’t respond to requests for comment.
  • On some game shows, contestants are brought back for a second chance on game if it’s later determined an error during taping disadvantaged them, though it’s not immediately clear if that is “Wheel” policy.
  • Other game shows will go back and review recordings of a contestant response to making a ruling.
  • “Wheel,” meanwhile, instructs contestants to clearly annunciate letters when calling them out, especially problematic ones like “B” and “D.”
  • Although this episode aired the same day Sajak’s illness forced a cancellation of that day’s taping, it did not affect the episode that aired because episodes of the show, like most game shows, are taped in advance.

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