Why did Fox single out Ilhan Omar for wishing followers a ‘happy Passover’?

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After Fox posted a story with a headline “Embattled US Rep. Ilhan Omar tweets ‘happy Passover,'” many were confused as to why the network was singling out Omar.

  • Twitter users, including journalist Tony Webster, pointed out that “Sesame Street,” conservative preacher Jerry Falwell, the U.S. Navy and Mike Pence all tweeted well wishes for the holiday.
  • Fox was presumably taking issue with Omar’s tweet since she is Muslim and the slate of controversial comment she’s made about religion of late.
  • Passover is a holiday observed primarily by the Jewish faith over eight days.
  • However, Christian denominations also also observe the holiday, often with Seder Meals, albeit typically not to the extent as Judaism.
  • Passover and its plagues are covered in the Christian bible.