Netflix’s numbers dip after riding high during pandemic streaming demand

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Netflix delivered disappointing results Jan. 20, 2022 covering the final three months of 2021.

The company missed its global subscriber growth total by 200,000, coming in at 8.3 million. The company also indicated that it grew by 2.5 million subscribers so far in 2022, but that was well below the 4 million analysts were expecting.

Netflix’s stocks dipped 20% after the news struck.

The streamer had been riding high on growth thanks to the pandemic and increase in demand for entertainment while more people were sticking at home. During 2020, the company added 36 million subscribers, with about 222 million total from around the world.

Compare that to 18.2 million subscriber growth in 2021, its lowest in five years.

Netflix has seen a marked increase in competitors, many of which launched in the years since the pandemic started, with Peacock, Paramout+, Discovery+ and a handful of other names launching.