Some CNN+ series continue to push out new episodes

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Despite CNN+ shows “Reliable Sources Daily” and “The Source with Kasie Huntcalling it quits Friday, April 22, 2022, other offerings are continuing with new, original productions.

Go There” post posted new episodes April 25, 2022 and April 26, 2022, as did “5 Things with Kate Bolduan.”

Big Picture with Sara Sidner” did not appear to post an episode April 25, but did add one April 26.

In addition “The Newscast with Wolf Blitzer” and “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?” also released episodes April 25.

The CNN+ site is still promoting shows such as “20 Questions with Audie Cornish” as “Coming in May,” though with the service slated to shutter April 30, 2022, that doesn’t seem likely to happen unless it opts to air an episode or two early.

Similarly, “Cari & Jamele: Speak.Easy.” is also listed with a May debut but does, unlike “20 Questions,” feature a trailer.

On April 21, 2022, CNN’s new owner, Warner Bros. Discovery, announced it would shut down CNN+ after less than a month of operation.

Various reports indicated registrations and viewership were well under expectations and what would be needed to make the service financially viable.

CNN already poured over $300 million into the service and hired between 400 and 750 people to work on it.

Several of the big headliners CNN hired for the streamer are reportedly in discussions with the network about their futures with the company. The network has reportedly expressed interest in keeping at least some around to either host programming on traditional, linear channels or in some kind of digital format.

It’s not immediately clear why “Reliable” or “The Source” decided to throw in the towel early rather than at least wait until the service shut down altogether.

WBD has also said it plans to offer CNN content via its HBO Max streamer, though it’s not immediately clear if existing CNN+ programming could transfer over or, if it does, at what point.