Amazon Prime Video appears to add profile feature

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

Amazon Prime Video appears to be getting a long awaited feature in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak.

Tech site XDA Developers first noticed that select customers are getting the ability to create profiles within their accounts.

The feature, which is already available on Netflix, Hulu and Disney+, appears to allow up to six profiles under a single account.

These profiles will presumably help tailor recommendations to specific family members.

While the feature is officially listed as being available in select countries, it’s not immediately clear what those locales are or when (or if) the feature will be rolled out to everyone.

It’s also not clear how long this feature has been in development or if its rollout was adjusted to fall during a time when streaming services are in high demand.

Meanwhile, Amazon is taking heat from Prime members about delivery windows of up to one month on “non essential” products despite the fact a membership is advertised to include shipping as fast as the same day on eligible orders.

Many other orders are taking longer to deliver as well due to overwhelming demand.

Amazon hasn’t said if it will refund or extend Prime membership fees that are currently $119 a year, but often points out that the expedited shipping is just one of the perks of being a Prime member — with its streaming service being perhaps the second highest profile benefit.