After a sweeping network wide talent overhaul that left only “CBS This Morning” co-anchor Gayle King in place, CBS took a gamble that she would bring in viewers, reports The New York Post.

  • Those moves included sending Norah O’Donnell to “CBS Evening News” later this summer and John Dickerson to “60 Minutes.”
  • Meanwhile, Anthony Mason and Tony Dokoupil joined King on “This Morning.”
  • CBS also assigned four correspondents to the program.

The moves have already registered a small uptick in the ratings:

  • For the week ending May 20, viewership was up to 3.1 million total viewers, up slightly over 3.0 million the week before.
  • In the adults 25-54 demo, the program added 11,000 viewers
  • Ratings data shows it increased to 760,000 from 749,000.

Despite the improvement, “CBS This Morning” still has a lot of catching up to do to emerge out of third place.

  • ABC’s “Good Morning America” had 4.0 million viewers during the same period.
  • On NBC, “Today” raked in 3.9 million.
  • In addition, while ABC and NBC both dipped 4% over last year, CBS was down 12%.
  • “This Morning” had been posting growth before co-anchor Charlie Rose was fired after sexual harassment allegations back in 2017.

It’s also worth noting that many programs see a small boost in viewership when new anchor teams are introduced — many of which may be viewers tuning in just to see how the new team plays together.

  • However, such gains can sometimes be tough to maintain in the long term.
  • Viewers often lose interest in the novelty of the new team and turn their attention elsewhere.
  • Other viewers may also decide that they don’t like the new team and stop watching.
  • In addition, despite the fact that many anchor changes are typically meant to replace what execs think are lower performing talent teams, there are almost always viewers who preferred to old team and tune out in protest.
  • However, there is also some data that suggests those “boycotts” are sometimes temporary.
  • No matter how you slice it, a 100,000 viewer game is fairly small in the grand scheme of things and the long term effects of the new anchor team likely won’t be clear for months.
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