CNN launches Voting Guide

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CNN has launched an online voter information guide that breaks down key rules, regulations and laws about voting both in person and remotely.

The feature, called “CNN Voting Guide,” includes a variety of information broken down by state, similar to NBC News’ “Plan Your Vote” digital offering.

The new guide uses faux postage stamp graphics to help break down states but also includes interactive charts, graphs and maps.

“The voter guide was based on research that indicated an opportunity to help CNN users stay up to date on changes to voting dates, deadlines, rules and procedures as the country prepares to vote amidst an unprecedented global health event,” reads a statement issued by CNN.

“The tool will also allow users to sign up for deadline reminders personalized to their state.:

The CNN Voter Information Guide is the second data-based personalized public service tool built this year by CNN, following the launch of CNN 411 which aggregated local COVID-19 data and health resources and debuted in April 2020.