Craig Melvin gets stuck on snowy roads, forced to anchor ‘Today’ remotely

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Today” co-anchor Craig Melvin, who himself was filling in for Hoda Kotb, was forced to anchor the show remotely Friday, Dec. 7, 2022, but this time weather, not coronavirus, was to blame.

Melvin filled in for Kotb in-studio Jan. 6, 2022, after news came that she had tested positive for COVID-19, though Guthrie was on location in Washington, D.C. for coverage of the one year anniversary of the Capitol insurrection.

This time, Guthrie was back in Studio 1A, but Melvin was anchoring from a location in Connecticut. It wasn’t immediately clear if it was in his home or some other arrangement.

Networks, including NBC, had deployed remote studio setups to the homes of key anchors during the first waves of the pandemic and are starting to bring them back online or putting them in standby as cases begin skyrocketing again.

Guthrie joked that Melvin became part of the show’s lead story on the weather and that forecaster Al Roker won’t ever let him hear the end of it — since Roker apparently advised Melvin to stay in the city closer to the studio Thursday evening.

Melvin apparently attempted to venture into New York City from Connecticut but opted to turn back and anchor from the remote location instead.

It’s not uncommon for big name network anchors to have multiple homes — often an apartment or condominium style one in the city and then one outside the city. Guthrie, for example, has a home in upstate New York.

The networks often provide transportation and security for the anchors as part of their contracts to bring them in to the studio.

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