Dallas map says the heat index is 101,105 degrees in McKinney, Texas

By Michael P. Hill Article may include affiliate links

We all know that humidity can make it feel hotter than it actually is — but 101,006 degrees hotter would be quite the weather phenom.

WFAA forecaster Pete Delkus was presenting his weather forecast as normal last week when a map popped up claiming the heat index was 101,105 in McKinney, Texas.”

“Everyone in McKinney is dead,” Delkus joked.

The map just before the heat index one showed that the air temperature in McKinney, Texas, was 99 degrees — which was in line with many of the other locales shown on the map.

The heat index for cities around McKinney was ranged from the low 100s to 110, so it’s likely that 101,105 figure was the combination of “101” and “105” somehow getting stuck next to each other in the computer.

Not to fear, however, the city of McKinney was not vaporized by some freak heat dome. Whew.