Detroit reporter skateboards during live shot — but does it go horribly wrong?

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WDIV reporter Victor Williams impressed viewers (and the Detroit station’s anchors) with an epic live shot aboard a skatepark.

Williams had been dispatched to cover the park’s opening and mentor program and decided to show off his own skills on live TV.

While he did avoid some of the more challenging tricks (he skipped trying to skirt along the top of the black metal frames installed for more advanced tricks), it was nonetheless a daring move to do on live TV — considering how many news reporters have gone viral for attempting an “interactive” live shot that went very bad very quickly.

He was also delivering live information about the free lessons and even getting in his tag “Victor Williams, Local 4,” all while boarding back and forth before the anchors back in the studio jumped in with comments on how impressive his skills are.

Williams noted he’s been skateboarding since he was about 8 years old.