‘Family Guy’ plans meta Disney episode where the show gets three reboots

Disney’s acquisition of most of 21st Century Fox’s assets included gaining the rights to “Family Guy” — and now the show is expected to poke fun at its new corporate overlord.

  • The Oct. 20, 2019, episode of the Seth MacFarlane animated comedy is titled “Disney’s The Reboot.”
  • In the very meta episode, Disney execs are depicted as deciding “Family Guy” needs to be expanded.
  • In the plot, “Family Guy” (at least how it exists inside its own universe) is slated to get three spinoffs — including “Family Gal” that focuses on matriarch Lois Griffin.
  • “The Q” uses teenage angst as a theme.
  • “After Family Guy” follows Chris and his marriage to the show’s reporter character, Tricia Takanawa, as they raise Joe Swanson, with the idea that none of these “actors” (the “Family Guy” characters) “made it big.”
  • Meanwhile, the “Family Guy” characters are each subjected to the “pilots” of each show-within-a-show.
  • Viewers will get to see the reactions as well as other subtle jabs at Disney, though there aren’t any direct shots at the Mouse House.
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