Fox hosts are now just admitting they would bash Obama for doing the same thing Trump did

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Some prominent Fox stars have admitted they’d bash President Barack Obama while praising Donald Trump — for doing the same thing.

During “The Five” Monday, July 1, 2019, when the panel was discussing democrats’ response to Trump’s meeting with North Korean dictators Kim Jong Un.

“Of course they are going to attack him. Let’s be honest: If it were an adversary from your party on the other side doing it, we would do the same thing,” said Greg Gutfeld.

“How dare Obama meet with a dictator with no preconditions!” Jesse Watters said in mock outrage.

Meanwhile, Juan Williams pointed out that Republicans called out Obama for saying he would meet with a dictator.

The response? “Couldn’t trust Obama, though,” said Gutfeld.

Finally, Dana Perino added “Whoever you support, you trust that person with your message.”

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