A Fox O&O in Atlanta is being accused of censoring former ESPN anchor Jemele Hill after she was asked if Donald Trump is a white supremacist.

  • Hill was a guest on the syndicated “Wendy Williams Show” and host Williams asked her if Trump is a white supremacist.
  • In Atlanta, Fox O&O WAGA carries the show, like the network’s owned stations in many major markets.
  • Hill began to answer, but before she could get to the meat of her response, the show inexplicably cut to a commercial break in the middle of the segment.
  • The commercials ran about 90 seconds before the station cut back to the show in progress, but Hill and Williams had moved on to a different topic.
  • WAGA, for its part, denied the station censored the program — instead telling the Hill Reporter that a technical glitch caused the interruption.
  • The station also noted it will air the entire episode a day later — but in the overnight hours.

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