Is Fox slowing sneaking in a new favorite ‘F word’?

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Fox News seems to be warming up to a new favorite “F word” — “facts.”

  • The network, which is known for its right leaning views and pro-Trump hosts, has frequently come under fire for latching on to Trump’s “fake news” label — even though it is often referred to as “Faux News” by detractors.
  • However, the word “Fact” has being popping up in something interesting ways recently.
  • One hint of the network’s new interest in the word “facts” was on the Jan. 25, 2019, edition of “Fox & Friends” when co-hosts Ainsley Earhardt, Steve Doocy and substitute Ed Henry tossed it to Jillian Mele for the day’s headlines, Mele said “Happy Friday and sticking to facts…” before launching into her update.
  • The “sticking to facts” comment was so slight that you may have missed it — but it’s worth noting it followed several segments that leaned pro-Trump.

  • Fox has also been inserting “Fox Facts” into its lower third graphics, often during panel discussions.
  • When inserted, a small blue box is added just to the right of the network’s logo bug that reads “Fox Facts” while one or more bits of background information are inserted into the lower third banner.

  • The word “facts” isn’t just showing up on screen either.
  • A recent email sent to multiple media outlets after a fire in the building that houses Fox News’ Washington, D.C. studios, featured a section labeled “Facts” — in bold, all capital letters and underline.
  • In the release, Fox PR was emphasizing that its studios were not damaged in the blaze after some sources incorrectly reported its space sustained damage.
  • In some ways, Fox appears to be subtly weaving in the words “facts” into its coverage and branding.
  • Cable competitor CNN, meanwhile, coined the “Facts First” tagline and hashtag, which has shown up on its network with “an apple is an apple” promo, an extended “Facts First” segment, a banana themed promo and, most recently, with a “fact check” sidebar during a White House press briefing.