It’s really important note this point about Ashley Bianco’s firing

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Despite claims that “was just doing her job,” it’s important to note CBS did not fire Ashley Bianco for leaking the video to Project Veritas — rather for her unauthorized access of ABC News footage.

  • In fact, no one knows at this point who leaked it the video to the site. It could have stemmed from the Bianco’s capture of the clip or made its way out of the building via any number of other routes.
  • CBS fired Bianco “because ABC News determined that she accessed the footage of Robach,” points out Yashar Ali, who has been leading the way in scoops on the story.
  • Bianco was a producer at ABC at the time when she allegedly accessed the footage. She since left the network and had been at CBS only days when she was fired.
  • Meanwhile, an ABC investigation determined that Bianco had accessed the footage, apparently against company policy, and the network reportedly passed her name along to CBS, who fired her for the offense.
  • Since her firing, an anonymous individual has come forward claiming to be the person who leaked the video to Veritas.