Mark Zuckerberg meeting with right wing personalities: Report

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly been holding informal secret meetings with conservative pundits, commentators and at least one lawmaker, reports Politico.

  • The off the record dinner meetings reportedly began in July.
  • The meetings are reportedly part of Zuckerberg’s broader effort to squash discord on the right over alleged “bias” on social media.
  • At least one person familiar with the meetings says he has “no illusions” that Zuckerberg is conservative but does think he “cares about some of our concerns.”
  • Attendees of the dinners, which take place at one of Zuckerberg’s homes, reportedly include Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro, though none of the personalities would confirm.
  • Zuckerberg also reportedly dined with Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham. Graham’s office confirmed he has met with Zuckerberg without going into specifics.
  • Discussions at the meetings reportedly center around freedom fo expression, treatment of conservatives and the appeals process that happens after content is flagged or taken down.
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