NBC News Digital EVP: We will address union request ‘quickly’

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With the announcement that NBC News Digital employees are looking to unionize, EVP of digital for NBC News Chris Berend sent out a memo to staff.

  • In the memo, he notes that this is not the first time digital news organizations or divisions have attempted or unionize.
  • He also says management welcomes “this dialogue from within our digital organization.”
  • His note also notes that execs are looking to address the request “quickly” and will keep staffers updated “every step of the way.”
  • The move to unionize the editorial staff would include staffers who develop written or video content for NBC News digital properties, but does not apply to NBC News Digital as a whole nor does it apply to NBC News, NBC or MSNBC.

Here’s the full text of the memo:


Earlier today, some of our colleagues requested that the company voluntarily recognize the NewsGuild for a portion of the staff within NBC News Digital. As we all know, similar discussions have taken place across many digital newsrooms over the past few years. I want you to know we are deeply committed to a fair and healthy workplace for all our employees. We welcome this dialogue from within our digital organization, and any constructive conversation aimed at building the future of NBC News Digital and ensuring that we’re the best we can be.

We will address this request quickly, and will keep you updated every step of the way.

As always, my door is open. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to me, as well as Lauren or Brittany who can also answer questions you may have.

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