NewsNation ticker causes some double takes when word ‘fussy’ looks like something else at first glance

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

Viewers of NewsNation’sMorning In America” were left doing a double take when the word “fussy” appeared in the show’s crawl — but thanks to a combination of the all caps, small, tightly spaced font and, perhaps, “dirty minds,” it looked like the headline was talking about something very different.

In short, the headline read: “‘Fussy eaters’ could have smell and taste disorder if they contracted COVID…” — and that’s quite clear when you look at the screen up close:

However, thanks to the “F” butting up against the “U,” that “F” ended up looking a lot like a “P” — which would have changed the word to a often offensive term for a portion of the female anatomy (if you need more of a hint, it’s that part that Donald Trump has proclaimed his fondness for grabbing).

Screenshots of the ticker began circulating on a social media graphic design and typography group, with many members admitting it took them multiple reads to see that it was, in fact, an “F” and not a “P.”