Now Trump wants federal agencies to axe their NYT, WaPo subscriptions

Donald Trump is reportedly planning to direct federal agencies to cancel subscriptions to The New York Times and The Washington Post.

  • Trump has derided both publications as purveyors of what he calls “fake news.”
  • In reality, both publications have published stories from a variety of angles about him and his administration.
  • While nearly all media outlets have, at one time or another, published incorrect information, they have acknowledged doing so and issued corrections or retractions.
  • Trump said earlier this week the White House would not renew its subscriptions to the publications.
  • Meanwhile, Trump also says canceling subscriptions to the newspapers will save taxpayers money.
  • Regular price for home delivery of a single copy of The New York Times is $1,040 a year. The Washington Post costs $637 a year. Both rates are for all seven daily editions.
  • However, both publications offer group discount programs as well as digital only options and site licenses for digital access, which would likely bring this price down significantly.
  • The Washington Post also offers a free digital subscription anyone with an email address ending in .gov or .mil, meaning most federal government or military employees would be eligible for that offer (assuming they use their government email address for official business).
  • It’s unclear how the plan, which was first reported by The Wall Street Journal, would be enforced or implemented.
  • It’s not not clear how many subscriptions the federal government has to either publication — or how much it pays it total for them.
  • According to Trump campaign financials, his campaign pays for subscriptions to both newspapers.