Social media called out the Weather Channel for exaggerating Florence winds — now, see its explanation

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The Weather Channel is defending itself after a storm on social media.

  • Mike Seidel, reporting from North Carolina on Hurricane Florence, took heat on social media as he appeared to struggle to stand — as two men in the background strolled by casually.
  • The Weather Channel denies Seidel was exaggerating the speed of the winds and points out that Seidel is standing on wet grass, whereas the two men in the background are walking on solid concrete.
  • “This is about as nasty as it’s been,” Seidel said during the live shot.
  • Social media users and conservative media have called out Seidel and The Weather Channel, calling the report “Fake Weather.”
  • Others on social media have noted both the points in the network’s explanation as well as the fact that Seidel’s pants are being blown by the wind.
  • In addition, others have pointed out that the men in the background could be beyond the reach of this particular wind gust.