‘Storm the Weather’ dog makes his triumphant return to Global News

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“Storm the Weather Dog” is back in the spotlight.

The pup, who first rose to fame in 2019 after his head popped up on camera during a Global News broadcast.

This time, however, the apparently hungry pooch decided to take a stroll across the chroma key wall in search of treats.

Storm is the furry friend of Anthony Farnell, chief meteorologist for Global News in Canada (and even has his own Twitter account).

Unlike the other viral pet appearances that have popped up as forecasters and reporters broadcast from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, this incident appears to have take place in a studio.

Farnell had apparently brought Storm to work, similar to when the incident happened two years ago.

This time around, Farnell appears to be doing a pretty good job of ignoring the fact a dog is walking across the bottom of the screen at first, even appearing to “float” at times due to how the camera and chroma key wall or cyc is framed, or perhaps didn’t notice him immediately.

Storm continues to enjoy himself throughout the forecast, wandering around the lower part of the maps and graphics — including right up to the fine one for, ironically, a dog walking forecast.