Studio audience reacts as Meghan McCain walks off set as ‘The View’ goes to break

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In the middle of a heated debate over whistleblower reports, “The View” host Meghan McCain stormed off the set as the show went to break after a confrontation with Ana Navarro.

  • After the discussion descended into a blob of incomprehensible arguing, McCain yelled “Excuse me,” cutting off the other hosts. “Maybe I was clumsy in the way that I said it.”
  • After a terse exchange, Navarro clarified to McCain “I said, ‘Don’t scream at me. I’m two feet away,'” Navarro recounted.
  • McCain could then be seen rolling her eyes.
  • As the show went to commercial, a wide shot of the set shown McCain walking off the set behind the host table.
  • Cameras then cut to shots of the audience, some of whom noticed McCain storming out and responded with wide eyes.
  • The ladies appeared to be trying to ignore the incident when they came back from break and briefly discussed Sonia Sotomayor.