‘The Connors’ is going live — in the middle of the New Hampshire primaries

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

ABC’s sitcom “The Conners” is going live — right in the middle of one of the biggest nights in politics.

The show, which is a spinoff of the revived “Roseanne,” is airing a live episode Feb. 11, 2020.

Two separate feeds will be offered so viewers on “both coasts” will be able to experience the live performances.

Meanwhile, ABC will be cutting into programming throughout the evening with updates of the New Hampshire Primary — a key vote because it’s the first primary in the nation.

While ABC will offer live continuing coverage of the primaries of its streaming service, ABC News Live, the network, like others, will likely only cut in at pre-planned times during the primetime lineup of entertainment (this likely also means that viewers won’t miss any parts of their favorite shows since the network will, barring any breaking news, plan commercial breaks and show run times around these cut ins).

ABC promoted the live show with a faux “live” spot during the Oscars on Sunday, Feb. 9, 2020. This promo mentions the New Hampshire Primary as do other promotional spots for the event.