Trump praises Alexander Acosta’s ‘Hispanic-ness’ — after a supporter suggested CNN’s Jim Acosta is ‘hiding’ his

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Donald Trump praised outgoing labor secretary Alexander Acosta’s Hispanic heritage when speaking to the media Friday, July 12, 2019 — months after one of his supporters and former staffers took issue with a CNN correspondent with the same last name and heritage.

  • During the press Q&A, “…he’s Hispanic, which I, which I (sic) so admire, and maybe it was a little tougher for him and maybe not…” Trump said.
  • Back in January, former White House assistant Sebastian Gorka took to Twitter to make sure everyone knew that CNN’s Jim Acosta is Hispanic.
  • In the a series of tweets, Gorka pointed out that Jim Acosta’s real name is “Abilio James Acosta.” “Jim” stems from a childhood nickname.
  • Gorka appeared to suggest that Jim Acosta was trying to “hide” his Hispanic heritage.
  • Interestingly, Alexander Acosta’s full name is “Rene Alexander Acosta” — which means he obviously goes by his middle name as well.