Watch ‘NBC Nightly News’ ‘freeze’ in the middle of the broadcast

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After wrapping a report from correspondent Kristen Dahlgren, “NBC Nightly News” inexplicably “froze” just after anchor Lester Holt thanked her and prepared to tease a story.

  • The issued appeared in multiple markets during the first feed of the April 9, 2019, broadcast, which is primarily seen in the eastern and central time zones.
  • After thanking Dahlgren, Holt’s audio was cut off and the picture “froze” on air briefly, while the show’s musical bed could be heard playing in the background.
  • The screen then changed, using the “Nightly” branded wipe complete with sound effect, to a tease with the banner “$5 a gallon!” but no audio other than the music could be heard.
  • “Nightly” was in the middle of its second broadcast after some of its graphics were updated, though it’s not clear if that was related to the technical glitch since the tease graphics were not updated.