Watch ‘Will & Grace’ go full ‘Judge Judy’

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NBC’s “Will & Grace” included its own take of “Judge Judy” during its “The Scales of Justice” episode — that included everything from musical cues to costumes.

  • In the episode, Will, played by Eric McCormack, is trying to make his law school classes more “hip.”
  • He ends up deciding to teach tort law by recreating the syndicated court show “Judge Judy” in the classroom.
  • The parody included McCormack wearing a black robe with Judge Judy Sheindlin’s trademark lace collar.
  • In addition, during the establishing shot before the scene began, the show played a production music version of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, which is also the base for the real “Judge Judy” theme music.
  • McCormack also had a student serve as his “bailiff” and spoke with Sheindlin’s New York accent.
  • He also dropped what he called “Judy-isms” such as “Don’t give me beef jerky and expect me to blow bubbles.”