Why did Disney’s ‘Captain Marvel’ commercial include an NBC logo?

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NBC was airing an interesting co-branded commercial for the “Captain Marvel” film that included the network’s peacock logo at the beginning.

  • The spots start with a large, full color rendition of the NBC peacock with a slight “ethereal burst” effect behind it before launching into a more traditional movie trailer.
  • The trailer itself includes similar glowing effects.
  • There’s not a clear indication as to why the NBC logo is included, other than to help explain
  • It’s worth noting that Disney, which owns ABC, owns the Marvel brand.
  • Of course, it’s not uncommon for studios such as Disney (or others, including NBC’s Universal) to advertise films on competing networks — since they are often trying to target a specific demographic or the widest audience possible.
  • The inclusion of the NBC logo at the beginning could be at a sort of alternative “native advertising” effort — to make the spot feel more like part of NBC programming.
  • NBC, Marvel and Disney did not respond to requests for comment.