Wendy Williams doesn’t mention divorce on Friday’s show

Wendy Williams made no mention of perhaps the “hottest topic” her audience wanted to hear about  — her own divorce — on Friday’s episode of her syndicated talk show.

  • According to TMZ, Williams, whose legal name is Wendy Williams Hunter, had her husband, Kevin Hunter, served with divorce papers Thursday.
  • The papers were reportedly served to Kevin, who serves as Wendy’s manager and executive producer, while he was at work in the studio complex where the show is taped.
  • Meanwhile, on Friday, April 12’s episode, which was taped Thursday “just hours” after the papers were reportedly served, Williams made no mention of the divorce.
  • She did, however, mention that she had “a situation going on” with her ankles swelling — though some were left wondering if that was a veiled attempt to mention the reports of divorce.
  • Wendy reportedly filed for divorce from Kevin Wednesday after well publicized reports of him cheating on her and allegedly fathering a child with his mistress, was reportedly born one month ago.
  • It’s worth noting there could be multiple legal reasons Wendy can’t mention the divorce on air — including to protect herself in any such proceedings.
  • The show is renewed until 2020 and it’s not immediately clear how a divorce could affect the show, if at all, given Kevin’s role as exec producer.
  • The couple has one son, also named Kevin.