Another CNN anchor jumps to NBC

By Michael P. Hill Article may include affiliate links

CNN anchor Christine Romans is leaving the network and headed for a new job at NBC News.

Romans, who has been with CNN for 24 years, has been anchoring “Early Start,” the network’s early morning newscast.

Her new role at NBC has not been announced.

Romans’ departure is one of several recent high-profile departures of on-air talent as the network struggles to adjust under new owners Warner Bros. Discovery and the ouster of former CEO Chris Licht.

Romans’ departure appears to have been planned and at least somewhat amicable; the network aired a farewell package for her July 28, 2023, unlike Don Lemon, who was unexpectedly fired by the network earlier in 2023.

Ana Cabrera, who previously anchored dayside on CNN also decamped for MSNBC earlier in 2023.

Romans’ future role was not announced and it’s not clear if she will work mostly for NBC or MSNBC, or both; or if she will anchor or report or some combination of both.

MSNBC doesn’t have any obvious schedule openings that Romans could take over, though it’s always possible another talent change could be in the works. Should could also be slated to join an existing show.