Fox staffer’s lawsuit accuses Larry Kudlow of making sexually, racially inappropriate comments

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In addition to accusing a now fired Fox analyst of sexually harassing him, Fox staffer John Fawcett’s lawsuit against the network also alleges host Larry Kudlow used racial slurs and made sexually inappropriate comments in the workplace.

Fawcett’s suit claims that Andrew Napolitano sexually harassed him an elevator in 2019, when he was working on Lou Dobbs‘ now canceled show.

When he was reassigned to Kudlow’s show, Fawcett claims to have observed Kudlow making racially and sexually inappropriate comments in front of multiple staffers, including in meetings

Those comments allegedly included suggesting a three-way between himself and another Fox host, referring to Mexican immigrants as “japapeño pickers” and that he didn’t “want the black on the show.”

A vice president, Gary Schreier, was allegedly on the call and did not reprimand Kudlow for his comments, according to the legal filings. Instead, he allegedly encouraged those on the call to stay quiet about what was said.

Kudlow previously worked for CNBC before becoming an economic adviser to Donald Trump.

Fawcett also claimed that a female executive producer discriminated against men and allegedly attempted to replace staffers with females.

Fox responded to Fawcett’s lawsuit as simply an attempt to cash out on untrue claims and have them tried in the “court of public opinion.”