Local producer working for Fox killed in same attack that killed cameraman, left correspondent injured

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A local producer working for Fox was killed during a March 14, 2022, attack that also left staffers Benjamin Hall injured and videographer Pierre Zakrzewski dead.

Oleksandra “Sasha” Kuvshynova has been described as both a producer and “fixer” and according to Fox Media’s CEO, was a key member of the team helping the team navigate around Kyiv, gathering details and translating. She is described as being passionate in helping the world know what is happening in her native Ukraine.

It’s common for networks and other media outlets to hire locals, often on a freelance basis, to become a part of their reporting teams all over the globe. Though most of their work is behind the scenes, they often play a key role in ensuring stories make it on air.

The term “fixer” is sometimes used to describe these individuals’ roles, but they typically work within ethical boundaries and don’t do some of the more negative actions commonly associated with the word, though some of their work may be dangerous and secretive.

Meanwhile, Hall remains hospitalized, but Fox had no update about his condition.